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October 02, 2006


Uniqlo01One of very famous, I should say very friendly pricing Japanese clothing store called Uniqlo, came to US last year, and their presence is getting even larger recently. I went to one of Japanese free concert in NYC last weekend, and there I saw Uniqlo placing a little shop. They were promoting because they are going to open a new bigger store in SOHO on November. They currently have a smaller one (I think it is big though...) in SOHO but they said it will be bigger. I also noticed that some yellow cabs in NYC has Uniqlo commercial sign on top. That was surpising. Japanese company posting a commerical on cab?? I think it gives many attention to people in NYC, especally to people who rides yellow cabs, in certain case a celebreality.

 英語でつらつら書いてますが、最近ユニクロのプレゼンスが NYC で凄い。11月に SOHO に新しく大きな店舗で開店するそうで、この前行ったコンサートの一角で20ftコンテナを改造して小さい店舗として出し宣伝してました。それ以外にも最近は、NYC のタクシーの上に載っている看板にもユニクロの宣伝がされているのを多く見かける。NYC でタクシーを載ると言えば、太った人、観光客、セレブレティで、セレブに少し注目させているのかな?でも安いからそんなにアピールしなくても・・・と思うけど、やっぱり SOHO に出しているくらいだから、狙いはセレブなんだろうか。でもタクシーに広告を載せるなんて凄い。



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