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July 21, 2007

Bouley (フレンチレストラン)

2nd_year_anniv For our second year anniversary, we went to Bouley, a french restaurant in NYC. We were supposed to go to different restaurant but it was full and couldn't get a reservation. So we were there in Bouley; it is close to Ground Zero. By the way, our annniversary is not 21st but I was in business trip on 18th that we posteponed our celebration.

We ordered a tasting menu with cost of $95 per person; quite a money here but I was satisfied with their food. There were 3 dishes and 3 deserts. My main dish was foie gras and was in medium rare!!! I have never had foie gras with medium rare, and was great. My wife ordered 2 lobster meals and seems to be happy about it. Desert was good but we felt they were sweeter than those in Japan, but again it was good.

I couldn't take photos of interior but they were all antique and the designs were old fashioned.


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