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January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Hatsuhinode Happy New Year 2008!!! Japan celebrates this new year more than US, I think... Like this top photo, many people who did not drink that much the last day, will go outside to see the first sunrise "Hatsu hinode". Well, of course it has to be sunny... This year it was pretty much clear so my father, my sister, and I went out to see the first sunrise.

The second big thing is this "Osechi". I am not sure about why people eat this osechi but one thing is that the names of the food are all named regarding "good thing". Also osechi are mostly salted therefore it lasts long; we eat osechi for 3 days or so... Well, I love osechi but some people get bored because we eat this for several days, ahaha.
 お節が実家で出てきました。こんな量、何年ぶりでしょうかね・・・でも好きなのでガツガツ食べました(笑 なんせクライミングで疲れてたし回復しないといけないので食いましたよ、たくさん

Then my family went to my grandma's house and went to "Omairi", which we go to bless(?) at the shrine.



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