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February 05, 2008


Usjunk I am in NJ for business trip... Not in the coldest time of the year... Oh well. It has been almost 3 month after I left US but it is good to be back in US. I took a noon flight and got in JFK at around 10:00am. I directly went to hotel and prepared to go to meeting in NJ office. They made me work on the first day! fcuk but its okay, I am jet lagged and am not listening to anything, ahaha.
Few days later, this is my desk.... All the american junks the coke and the ober sweet tea... Tea is gigantic too... Well, any way, I am back in US.

 急遽、NJ出張になりますた。もともと出張が分かってたけども、来るのがかなり早まった!しかも、帰りの日程もあいまいというこの事態。まぁとりあえず飛行機乗りますた。ついたらホテルへ直行。ちょっと支度して会社へ・・・。ミーティング詰めでかなりシンドイ。しょうがないですね・・・。最後のミーティングなんてほとんど気絶してますたorz とりあえずNJに戻ってきて、何となく懐かしかった。でもさ、この写真2日か3日目に撮ったんですが、もうアメリカンジャンク尽くしです。だめだなぁぁぁ。


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punchI don't know what the fist emoticon means, but my friend Doug recommended it to mean "Gaijin Smash!" Well, they say there's no place like home. But if home is NJ, that's a little weird. And lemme get this straight, you drink diet, zero, and then Joe's Lemonade, which probably has enough sugar to kill a diabetic? dogdogdog
Alright ... gotta run! run

Posted by: Darth | February 17, 2008 at 10:39 AM

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