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February 16, 2008


Njrgdrinkin I had tones of work left on Friday night but I went to NJRG because G is back in town! So I went out to NJRG and found G. What a perfect time we are in! J, D, Mlcm were there too. We had some session on bouldering and later did some ropes.
After 10:30 we all went to Houlihans for a drink. A DRINK.... I had two at least... Oh well, that is the usual case anyway. That was fun talking about climbing and Red Rocks.

 今日はGさんがLas Vegas来るということもあって金曜の夜に仕事が大量に残っているのにもかかわらず急いでNJRGへ向かった。そしたらGさん少し遅れて登場!やはり長年のNJRGキャリア、人気者だ(。・_・。) Jさん、Dさん、Mlcmさん、みんないたしね♪

 えー、閉店10:30になったのですが、みんなで一杯飲みに行くことになった。その一杯が2杯になっててかなり遅くまでくっちゃべってしまった。まぁみんなクライミングのことばっか話してるんですけどね。今回は特にVegasにあるRed Rockに来いという話題ばっかりでした。あぁ、赤い岩を登りたい。



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Y- I'm so sorry I was late on Friday night! catfacesnailcatface Thank you for coming out to Houlihans for 2x beer. It was great to see you again, and I had a lot of fun happy01 climbing with you! Hopefully, we can meet up again soon and hit the gunkssign01
These emoticons are like Skittlescopyright. You can't use just one. I really want to use the Mt. Fuji one fujisign03
Stay in touch and climb onsign01
onetwothreefour I'm run out the door

Posted by: RedRocker | February 17, 2008 at 11:19 AM

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